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Önemli: Dünyanın en gelişmiş asansör teknolojisine sahip, eşsiz elektronik DataCard (Simkart) kontrollü, dünyadaki çift sürüş motorlu tek asansördür. Akıllı bilgisayar teknolojisine sahip merdiven asansörlerimiz sizi güvenle taşıyacaktır.

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Straight stair lifts

Straight stair lifts are the basic type of elevator designed for stairs without curves or bends.

However, with a variety of different models, features and options designed to meet the changing needs of our many users, you will find that our stairlift is everything but the basics!

Some of the straight stair lifts we offer include over 1000 models with fold-up seat, armrests and footrests that take up less space when not in use.

The 1000 uses a slim, inconspicuous track and offers 6 seat colors to choose from. Because it is made of durable materials, the 1000 can also be upgraded to the more robust 1000XXL model.

The 950 stairlift is still an economical option that has the same quality and reliability as all our other HANDICARE products. It has an ergonomic control designed in collaboration with occupational therapists, so it is easy to use even for those suffering from rheumatism and other joint problems.

The 950+ stairlift for upgrade offers all the benefits of the 950 with the ability to upgrade to electric options.

Information on Straight Order and Process

When you want to place an order, it only matters how many steps and length of your stairs are on our side. There is no special order and production for flat type seat lifts. These are the types of products brought from abroad in standard packages and available in our stocks. Cutting or adding operations are carried out according to the length of your stairs.

Since the delivery time is available in our stocks, it is assembled and delivered within one working day at any time.

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